Transfer Credit Review initiated by Faculty and Students

This will apply to the situations in which Faculty or Students are requesting an evaluation of a course on a transcript for possible GEP credit.

  1. Faculty or Students with questions about courses that may count for GEP credit should gather institution name, course name, and course description information for the course and initiate a request for GEP review of the course by emailing the GEP Director using and include all required course information in the email.

  2. The GEP Director will evaluate the request and request additional information if necessary.

  3. The GEP Director will contact the chair for the possible GEP category that the course might fit into and request a review.

  4. The chair will review the course and REPLY ALL to the original email with decision so that progress is seen by all parties. GEP Director support for chair decision may be assumed at this stage. If this is not the case, GEP Director will comment with concerns or objections.

    1. If the chair or GEP Director needs to invite another department to review the course, they will add the proper SSU chairs to the email thread keeping all original recipients in place.
    2. If the chair needs to consult with faculty, they will state the need to consult with a faculty member to the group, and then provide the response to the group once available.
  5. The GEP Director is the primary contact for any determination of transfer for writing intensive and capstone courses. However, they may need to request more information or bring in the appropriate department across campus. Those individuals will be added to the email thread and the process will move forward as in step 4.

  6. Once a determination has been reached to award GEP credit or not, the GEP director will forward the conversation to the Registrar’s office and request that a notation on the student’s transcript be made regarding the awarding of GEP credit.

  7. The GEP Director will contact the Faculty or Student that made the request and inform them of the outcome of the review process.

For reference, please follow the guidelines in this policy when reviewing transfer credit:

GEP Category Primary Person/Chair(s) to contact E-mail address Department(s)