Art History advising and GEP double counts in the Arts.

The Art Core, which all visual art students are required to complete, calls for 4 Art History courses:

  1. ARTH2211 - Art History Survey 1
  2. ARTH2212 - Art History Survey 2
  3. Art History elective 1
  4. Art History elective 2

Survey Courses: Both the survey courses are required and the only options to fulfill these requirements. ARTH2212 also fulfills the GEP Oral Communications requirement. Note that students must complete ENGL1101 or 1102 before beginning ARTH2211. This means that typically a student should take ARTH2211 in the fall of their sophomore year.

Art History Electives: BFA students must take two ARTH courses above 3000 in addition to the survey courses to complete the Art Core. Certain ARTH courses can also fulfill GEP requirements. They are:

While it does not assign double credit hours, by taking at least 2 of these ARTH courses listed, students can get requirement completions in both the Art Core and the GEP.