Advising Graphic Design majors


ARTS1101 2D Foundations

This is the first priority for any visual art major. Mostly this will be first semester freshmen who need this.

Additional courses

If they haven’t had ARTS1101, you will have limited course options you can advise. So, in the same semester they take ARTS1101, you can also advise ARTS1103 (3D foundations), 1104 (Creative Process), 2511 (Photography), and/or 2411 (Ceramics). None of these are required as pre-requisites. The first two, 1103 and 1104, must be taken eventually.

ARTS1105 Digital foundations

Once a student has 1101, the next most important course in the arts for a design major is ARTS1105.

Additional courses

In the same semester, they can take the additional courses from above. A student can also take ARTS2613 (typography).

ARTS3611, 3612, and 3613 — The Digital Suite

Once ARTS1105 is completed, they should take ARTS3611 the very next semester and either 3612, 3613, or both. A graphic design major will need all three courses.

Additional courses

With ARTS1101 and 1105 complete and 3611 in progress, many courses open up as electives and design majors need eight total art studio electives. They should take ARTS2613 by now if they have not already.

ARTS3631, 3632, 4631, and 4632 — Graphic Design Studio sequence

Once a student has completed at least ARTS3611 and either 3612 or 3613, they should begin the Graphic Design Studio sequence starting with ARTS3631.

Additional courses

If they did not yet complete ARTS3612 and 3613, it is time to complete those. They should also work on art studio electives. At this point any ARTS class is probably open to them.

Art History courses

Once a student has completed the English GEP sequence, ENGL1101 and 1105 probably, they should begin taking art history courses. This will mean starting with ARTH2211 for a fall semester and ARTH2212 the following semester.

If a student has completed English but not taken ARTH2211 and 2211 is not available because it is full or it is a spring term you are advising for, they should take ARTH3366. Any other ARTH course will require 2211 and 2212 as pre-requisites.

Art Studio Electives

A graphic design major needs eight (8) ARTS or ARTG courses. This is a great opportunity to try for a minor or follow their interest. If they are transferring to design from gaming or illustration, many of those courses will be used to fill this requirement.

While this section is important, it is rarely prioritized. Use art studio electives to fill out a student’s schedule with a full course load.

GEP courses

Starting with English and Math, a student should take at least one GEP course each semester until they are complete. I am NOT a fan of getting these out of the way” early as that will actually make it more difficult to graduate on time because of sequencing issues.

A student should complete English as soon as possible as a Freshman and take the senior capstone course their final semester.