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Gaming arts, like any visual art, must be grounded in rock-solid, visual foundations. Gaming at SSU begins with courses that introduce the tools and set the stage for the digital worlds that are to follow. All BFA art students take foundation classes in 2D, 3D, drawing skills, basic digital tools, and the creative process.


Sometimes to get to where you are going, you have to know where you’ve been. The art core has four art history requirements that will give you a bird’s eye view of the trajectory and function of art as well as a deeper understanding of how art impacted society and lives.

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your design.

Design thinking goes beyond what the game will look like. What does the player do? Who is the character and why are they in this game? What makes the game fun? Studies in game design will help you to find the right questions so that you have a better chance with the answers.

Some of the activities include creating new worlds, creating new mechanics, and solving how a player interacts with the game.

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At the heart of gaming arts is 3D design. Students will be taught to use a variety of tools and techniques to create 3D models that not only look great but work as game assets. Start simply and grow into modeling hard surface, environment, and character art. As students progress, they are also able to learn texturing, rigging, level design, and gain experience with motion capture.

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the options.

The gaming arts degree includes space to explore your interests and broaden your experiences. Electives allow for some studies in closely related areas to your major.


The gaming arts degree includes some connections to engineering courses and opportunities to get further into UI design.


Students have the option to work on a team project with other gaming arts majors and game engineering students to create a student led, faculty directed, year-long project. Past projects have won awards at ECGC.

Students preferring to work solo, have the option to work with a faculty advisor on an independent senior project.


The General Education Program (GEP), which all graduates must complete, is designed to ensure that every graduate is a well-educated person. Such people are guided by a spirit of inquiry and are independent learners, capable of seeking out and understanding new information; they are creative and careful thinkers and communicators; and they are able to take a historical, global, and ethical perspective, which helps them to imagine and pursue change. Most importantly, well-educated people are able to recognize the interconnectivity of ideas from a variety of disciplines.

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If you have questions about these classes or the degree in general, please schedule some time to meet with one of the Gaming Arts advisors.

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