Faculty onboarding

Thank you for being a part of SSU’s Fine, Digital, and Performing Arts department. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a faculty or department administrative assistant.

Administrative Assistant

Sherri Petrovich

Hiring Process

Completed the online application:

Once hired, you will need to contact the registrar at your university to request an official transcript be sent to Shawnee. SSU’s registrar is sbc@shawnee.edu or 740-351-4357.

Adjunct handbook

The most recent adjunct handbook is located here:

Adjunct Handbook

Faculty Team Leaders

Once completing all paperwork and approved by HR, you should contact your faculty team leader for information about the classes you will be teaching.

Faculty Subject Email Office Phone Ext.
Matt Cram Graphic Design / Chair mcram 307 3697
Michael Barnhart Music mbarnhart 137 3212
Chuck Davis Graphic Design cdavis 311 3573
Isabel Graziani Art Ed. /Art History igraziani 312 3524
John Huston Theatre jhuston 314 3335
Bastien Lecouffe Illustration / Studio Arts blecouffe 310 3424
Greg Lyons Gaming / 3D glyons 308 3004

Note: emails are email@shawnee.edu; phone extensions are formatted 740-351-XXXX


You will need to create a syllabus for each class you teach. Send a copy to the administrative assistant at the start of each term.

What to include:

University ADA statement

Any student who believes she/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a documented disability should first contact a Coordinator in the Office of Accessibility Services, Hatcher Hall, 740-351-3106 to schedule a meeting to identify potential reasonable accommodation(s). Students are strongly encouraged to initiate the accommodation process in the early part of the semester or as soon as the need is recognized. After meeting with the Coordinator, students are then required to meet with their instructor’s during the instructor’s office hours to discuss their specific needs related to their disability. The accommodation letter will be sent to the instructor and student via e-mail prior to the semester start date. Any questions regarding the accommodations on the letter should be addressed to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services. If a student does not make a timely request for disability accommodations and/or fails to meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services and the instructor, a reasonable accommodation might not be able to be provided.

Adjunct office

Shared office space is available on the third floor of the arts building. Computers and storage space is available. For locked storage, see the department secretary about obtaining a locker.

Finals schedule

Link to finals schedule: https://www.shawnee.edu/areas-study/academic-calendar

Requesting certain times/days

We will do our best to schedule to your needs. Usually this is possible.

Canceling class

Should you need to cancel a class meeting:

Blackboard and IT services

Faculty emails and logins for Blackboard and other services will be assigned once HR paperwork is completed.