Course substitutions

To apply for a course substitution, the student must originate a course substitution powerform on DocuSign.

Note: Transfer credits must be discussed with your advisor.

To begin the process of requesting a course substitution.

First, email the department chair, CC the faculty advisor.

  1. Student should email Matt Cram about the requested substitution. Include:
    • Student ID
    • Name
    • the course code for the class taken (example ARTS1101)
    • The term it was taken (example Summer 2021)
    • The course it should be subbed for (example ARTS1102)
    • Rationale for substitution
  2. If there are questions about the sub, the chair will reply all so that the student or advisor can reply.

Next, create the form


  1. The student originates the form.
  2. A pdf form is loaded.
  3. Fill out student info.
    • Major should be BFA
    • concentration should be their arts concentration. (Example Graphic Design or Gaming Arts)
    • For graduation date, make best guess at month and year.
    • Click finish.
  4. This emails to the advisor listed previously.
  5. The department chair will review the information and, if approved, process the form.
  6. The form is sent to the registrar for approval and to finalize the substitution.

Once approved and the registrar makes the substitution, if the course should have been covered by financial aid as part of the degree, then financial aid will cover the course.