Computer Recommendations

Students applying for the Game Design Arts or Graphic Design programs will have access to the three art computer studios that are equipped with high-end Apple computers with the latest software. Generally speaking, students will be able to complete class assignments using the studio computers. For students wishing to purchase computers specific to their studies in digital arts, the Fine, Digital, and Performing Arts department recommends the following:

Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is almost entirely focused on the Apple Mac. There are, of course, talented designers and illustrators using both platforms but for the most likely parity with working professionals, the Mac is the better choice. For most designers focused on screen or print design, the most important consideration is a good screen and a fast, quiet hard drive. Many designers choose to work with two screens, but the laptop screen will be enough for most students.

Graphic Design - Minimum configuration

Computer type 13-inch MacBook Pro
Processor M1 or Apple’s newest
Memory 8 GB
Hard Drive 256 GB SSD
Additional Software Adobe CC subscription (1)

Graphic Design - Preferred configuration

Computer type 15-inch MacBook Pro
Processor M1 or Apple’s newest or i7 or better
Memory 16 GB
Hard Drive 512 GB SSD
Additional Software Adobe CC subscription (1)

Game Design and Animation

Just as the graphic design folks are focused on the Mac, most game designers use the Windows platform. The primary concerns here are graphics processing so more cores in the main processor and a dedicated video card are priorities. Because there are several manufacturers offering Windows configurations, it is not possible to recommend one single supplier. The best advice is to read online reviews and ask other students.

Game Design - Minimum configuration

Processor Current gen Core i5 Processor or AMD equivalent
Memory 8 GB
Hard Drive 512 GB SSD
Graphics Card Nvidia 900 series or AMD RX400 series video card

Game Design - Preferred configuration

Processor Current gen Core i7 Processor or AMD equivalent or higher
Memory 16 GB or higher
Hard Drive 512 GB SSD or higher
Graphics Card Nvidia 1000 series or AMD RX Vega series or Nvidia Quadro P1000 series  or AMD FirePro series or higher


  1. All digital art courses may have software requirements that will be outlined at the beginning of that specific course. Adobe CC subscriptions will not be needed until taking ARTS1105 or higher digital arts course.

  2. As the specifications for software are constantly changing the above listed specifications are designed based on current and near hardware requirements set forth by software manufacturers.