Change major process

The student will complete this process by creating a power form.

For the student to begin the process:

  1. Open the change of major form:
  2. Student name and SSU email go at the top.
  3. For Major 1 Advisor, type in:
  4. Click Begin Signing”    

When the form returns to the student:

  1. type in your name and student ID number.  
  2. For Action,” place an X” in the slot for Change.”  
  3. For Major 1   
    • For the Code: type in BFAR  
    • For Description: type in Fine Arts  
  4. For Concentration 1, enter the following Concentration Code / Description
  5.  Sign your name, and click Finish.”  

The form will go to the advisor for a signature, then it will go to the Student Business Center to make the change to your transcript.