ARTS4180/4181 Senior Studio


Credit Hours: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Senior status within the major and instructor permission

Course Description:

Students will examine, in detail, a selected topic within the area of the student’s specialty. A formal proposal and instructor approval is required. A major project reflecting substantial documented effort must be completed. 

Independent senior studio will be evaluated on an individual student basis. Work should be relevant to student’s proposed specific field and is an in depth study of that subject/topic.  

Grading and Evaluations

Student grades will be reflective of thorough research, technical execution, and aesthetic considerations. Students will receive ongoing feedback on their work as a result of critiques and discussion throughout the term(s). Students will be expected to respond accordingly to critique with appropriate adoption of feedback.

Grades will be assigned on the following criteria:

10%          Project Proposal

20%          Documentation and faculty meetings

60%          Project at its time of final presentation per semester

10%          Project debriefing


Project proposal(s)

You must provide an initial submission for consideration and should contain artifacts that include:

The project proposal must be approved by the advising faculty to receive course credit.

Students may be advised to enroll in the course but are not necessarily cleared for enrollment until the above criteria, and those individually determined relevant to the project, have been met. 


You are required to meet with the project advisor a minimum of 10 times during the semester. During each meeting, you should bring work in progress in a format that is most conducive to viewing and discussion.


Final presentation

The final project presentation should represent the furthest, reasonably-possible conclusion. The final form of the project should be discussed and negotiated with the professor.


Accompanying materials may include, but are not limited to:


The project debriefing is a 1 to 2-page document that defines: