ARTS2711 Illustration

Credit Hours: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: ARTS1105 Digital Foundations

Course Description

Illustration is the act of creating an image to promote, enhance or represent an object such as a book, movie, game, or other narrative and/or commercial product. Illustration utilizes traditional and digital studio practices towards a narrative and/or commercial application. For example, movie posters, book covers, tabletop games, children books, product packaging, magazine covers and images.

This course further develops the use of Traditional and/or Digital arts techniques in order to create Illustrations.

Emphasis is placed on the different steps involved in the creative process behind the creation of an


This class also explores the steps and methods recommended to the students for the promotion of their work in a professional environment.

Note: This class encourages and accepts artwork created with traditional medium. However, Photoshop will be used in class for assignments. The students must be able and ready to use Photoshop in class for sketches and quick work.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of this course are as follows:

Students who complete this course should have

Materials Needed

Materials Suggested