ARTS2221 Life Drawing 1

Credit Hours: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: ARTS1101 Two-Dimensional Foundations

Course Description

This course has been designed in an effort to introduce and advance the study of the human figure through the process of drawing. It is a perceptual drawing course that expounds upon and requires a proficiency in the skills introduced in ARTS1101 and ARTS2211. The goal of the course is to further your perceptual drawing skills, related to representing three-dimensional forms, and apply them to the study of the figure. Our approach toward the figure will take place under two main topics. The first being an investigation into imperial, observational or perceptual drawing practices. The second is a thorough study of visual anatomy. Both of these topics will be supported by a variety of conceptual, formal and technical approaches to introduce, refine or strengthen our approaches towards the figure.

Goals and Objectives

Students will:

The objective of the course is to result in a manner of drawing the human figure, where anatomical knowledge and perceptual knowledge are in full support of one another. Resulting in technically sound, confident, well-understood drawings.

All levels of figure drawing will be working from life models.

Books Needed

Books Suggested

Materials Needed